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Like nobody else we understand that successful IT projects will always be about having the right people. With CodeMore you have access to experienced IT professionals for all your projects.

✓ Direct availability of 100+ professionals | ✓ Over 10 years experience in nearshoring | ✓ Quickly scale up capacity: flexible contracts

Codemore idea


About 18 years ago the software company Codeless was dealing with a shortage of software developers. After a few detours, the company ended up in Iași, where it set up a collaboration with local companies and Universities. Over the years, this transformed in a highly successful story and a large pool of developers and collaborators.

In 2017 Codeless decided to share their success. Why shouldn’t other organizations benefit from these great developers? Especially now, when developers in Western Europe and the US are so scarce and the rates are so high! And so, CodeMore was created with one goal: deliver high quality IT capacity world-wide, in both conventional programming and Low-Code.


Technology has become a dominant factor for any business. In the last decade, companies have become more and more IT driven and software is now at the core of everyone’s success.

The demand for software developers has risen and companies struggle to finish their projects in time due to decreased capacity. CodeMore wants to enable those companies to push forward on their digital ambition by offering best in class software developers.

We are a pragmatic company that firmly believes in using tools and technologies that boost productivity.

Developers working at Codemore

Our Core values

Customer Orientation

Customer orientation

We care deeply for our customers. Always wanting to give the best balance between cost and result.



We have a constant drive to develop software smarter and more efficient. Its in our DNA.



We believe in theory, but only if it helps getting the job done.

Constantly learning

Continuous learning

By continuous learning, we make sure that tomorrow we are even better than today.



We will always be there when it matters.
No questions asked.

Result orientation

Result orientation

We get it done.
Whatever it takes.

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