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Working at Codemore

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What our core values mean in daily life

Customer orientation

We care deeply for our customers. Always wanting to give the best balance between cost and result.

Working with customers in various businesses, from logistics, transport, retail, shipping, flower breeding, marketing, medical and lots of others. We always do our best in understanding their business and we spend the time necessary in gaining the knowledge. This enables everyone to think about solutions and not problems, to think about what the customer needs and not get lost into the details of how we will build it. We ask and challenge our customers “Why?” because sometimes the best solution is to not develop anything at all.

Customer orientation


We are always focused on how to do things smarter, better and faster. We get satisfaction out of making sure we have the best possible design and the best possible tools to execute the design. In discussions we challenge everything. The fastest way to develop something is to not implement anything at all, if it’s not needed. We are open minded and experiment with tools and platforms (i.e. Low Code, Robotic Process Automation, Code migration tools) that help us boost our productivity. For us it’s not about making hours, but it’s about offering our customers the best possible value at the best possible price. This is what makes us proud.


We are pragmatic people. We know the theory and we know how things should be done according to it. Whenever we build anything, it must have a purpose, goal and practical use. As such, we will not build a 12-tier, load balanced, distributed application that does the sum of two numbers. But we will build it for our customer’s SaaS application that receives 500 requests per second. We will never let something silly as theory get in the way of getting the job done.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning

When we start each day, we want to be better than yesterday. We share knowledge, credit and we support each other. You will be encouraged to continue, finish or add to your studies.

At CodeMore, we will support you in obtaining certifications from external organizations such as: Microsoft, OMG, IIBA and others. You receive days off to study and to prepare and we also cover the full costs of the training materials and exams.

We also encourage reading: we have a subscription, an internal book club and will also give you an Audible account if you so desire. Your responsibility is to choose what you want to learn and we’ll create the correct environment.


Reliability is a much looked over characteristic. It has nothing to do with your technical skillset, but it’s all about the mind-set. If our customers or colleagues run into problems, we are always there to help them out. In CodeMore nobody is on their own. We are a team and we will always look out for the best interest of our customers and colleagues. If there is a problem that needs to be solved, we are there, no questions asked.

We don’t take commitments lightly, but we aren’t afraid to make them either. And we will stick to them!

Result orientation

Result Orientation

“In the end, what matters is the result”. We understand this to the core of our DNA. Our teams consist of dedicated hard working people that are dedicated to the result. They never give up and have shown our customers time and again they will do whatever it takes to get the results the customers need.

Open Jobs

We are often hiring talented professionals. If you are passionate about IT, whether you are a seasoned veteran or just looking for a Summer Internship, we offer great opportunities. Currently, we don’t have open vacancies. But be sure to check back regularly!

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