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Software Developers

Do you (temporarily) need extra experienced Front-end or Back-end developers? CodeMore nearshores over 100+ developers, so we are always able to find the perfect fit for you.

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✓ Direct availability of 100+ professionals | ✓ Over 10 years experience in nearshoring | ✓ Quickly scale up capacity: flexible contracts

Nearshoring of Front- and Back-end developers

CodeMore is your partner for quickly scaling up (temporary) development capacity. We can help you with a team of 100+ experienced and motivated professionals. From individual developers to turn-key project-teams.

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Back-end Developers

At CodeMore, we value backend development as the backbone of almost every software project. We do not believe in a big monolith monster behind a pixel-perfect, eye candy front-end. We believe in Coding Standards, Code Quality, Code Documentation, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

No matter what technology they develop with, all our developers are experienced with SonarCloud, SonarQube, SonarLint and ReSharper.
They know what an efficient algorithm is and also how to create fast, scalable APIs for the Front-end teams to use. They understand performance, SQL and the value of a database index.

Our developers are experts in: .NET Framework, .NET Core, PHP, Java, Mobile applications, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and many more..

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Front-end Developers

A great front-end is like the icing on a cake. It takes great mastery to do it and contributes to the flavor just as much as the core does.
While the backend is the brains, the frontend is the heart of any application. It should give the user the best experience possible and be self-explanatory, decreasing the need for training. The frontend world is evolving faster than ever before. Software Development was always a case of “keep learning or be left behind” and now is definitely that time!

All our Frontend Developers are certified in HTML5 and CSS3, know how to build responsive web applications and work in at least a couple of the following technologies: ReactJS, Angular JS, Angular 2+, Vue JS, Ember, Knockout, and many more..

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