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This is why you should consider outsourcing to Eastern-Europe

Cultural overlap
When it comes to offshoring to – for example – India, you have to take both time and culture differences into account. These differences often cause messy communication, which makes projects harder to manage. When it comes to outsourcing, it’s a different story: The cultural gap is bridged more easily.

Fluent English
It’s highly convenient to work within the same time zone and culture as your developers. Maybe more important, however, is speaking the same language. Our developers are fluent in English, so you don’t have to worry about the comprehensibility of the conversation.

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University degree
All of our developers are in possession of a university degree. Which means they studied IT at the highest level. Therefore, CodeMore developers are smart employees, with the right educational background.

One month kickstart in the USA
When you choose outsourcing via CodeMore, we will provide you with a one month kickstart. During this month we will move our developers to the United States, so you can meet them, work with them and get a clear image of them. In this way the developers will feel like part of your very own team within no time.

✓ Best balance between cost & result | ✓ Constant drive for efficiency | ✓ Result orientation

Why CodeMore is your partner in Outsourcing

Competitive value for money

Everybody is highly educated

Focus on productivity

Quickly scale up capacity: flexible contracts

Fluent communication in English

More than traditional development

Direct availability of 100+ professionals

Over 10 years of experience with outsourcing



“It works pleasantly, efficiently and you sense immediately that you work with skilled and high-quality developers.”

Joost Rust, CEO at Coolsafety


“It’s pleasant to work with a partner that knows what it’s doing and puts motivated and smart people on your project.”

Roel Kneepkens, Product Owner at ShipItSmarter


“The first pilot with CodeMore developers was to test the quality and the ease of working on a outsource base. From Makro perspective both topics were satisfying.”

Wouter van Wijk, Business Analyst at Makro

“We are your partner for outsourcing and quickly scaling up (temporary) low-code or software development capacity.”

Michael van Schaik – Sales Advisor at Codemore


Are you looking for structural development support, but are you struggling to find the right developers? Or are you facing several projects that need to be finished in a relatively short period of time, for which you need an extra hand? Currently, our total talent pool consists of 140 professional developers. Our developers can be used for the development of both software as low code. In this way, we will always be able to find a developer or team of developers that suits your needs.

Due to a development shortage it’s difficult to find affordable and reliable personnel in your own country. Therefore, it’s easier to look for assistance abroad. It is always an option to choose for offshoring, but experience shows that cultural, language and time differences often create challenges which lead to structural communication issues. For the USA-market we can see outsourcing to Eastern-Europa as a solution. Outsourcing allows you to see significant cost savings and better availabilty of qualified developers. In addition, there is no language barrier from our English-speaking developers.

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