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OUTSYSTEMS STARTER PACKAGE: without risks and training-cost

OutSystems is the most widely used low code programme for developing fast applications.

OutSystems has been developed by developers with an eye for detail and allows organisations to help develop their business faster. OutSystems is the only programme that combines the power of low code development with present-day advanced mobile opportunities.

The OutSystems programme is incredibly popular but has one big disadvantage: there is a big shortage of developers that know how to work with this programme. At CodeMore, we have come up with a solution: the OutSystems Associate Developer Starter Package; a 2.0 partnership!

Starter package hourly rate

We invest in the best developers, who all own a university degree. We ensure that they possess all the right skills, including their OutSystems certificate. Meanwhile, you can make use of our developers and train them on the job by having them work on your own applications, business processes and procedures.
The first four months, the period in which the developers are trained within your company, are completely free of charge. Moreover, we make sure that our team of developers is available for a period of at least one year. In this way, you are guaranteed the best results while fully benefiting from our CodeMore offerings.

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✓ The best junior low code developers | ✓ No risk: you can decide early on whether you want to continue or not

The best low-code developers for your project

CodeMore has many years of experience in hiring its own staff from the University, through internships.
Our collaboration with the IT Universities in Iasi, Romania, gives us a constant presence there and the ability to find and recruit the best of the best graduates in Computer Science, Business Informatics and similar.

You can be rest assured that communication with the CodeMore IT-professionals is highly efficient. All our developers own a university degree and speak English fluently. Besides, our nearshoring developers have a very high work ethic, are loyal, work efficiently, are critical, trustworthy and perfectionistic.

CodeMore has also initiated the Low Code Developer community through Meetups and the ‘Low Code Club’, which allows us to find the best developers at first hand.

“We are your partner for quickly scaling up (temporary) OutSystems development capacity.”

Michael van Schaik – Sales Advisor at Codemore


At CodeMore, we focus on the best, tried and trusted platforms and we can guide you in making your choice:


Due to a development shortage it’s difficult to find affordable and reliable personnel in your own country. Therefore, it’s easier to look for assistance abroad. It is always an option to choose for offshoring, but experience shows that cultural, language and time differences often create challenges which lead to structural communication issues. For the USA-market we can see outsourcing to Eastern-Europa as a solution. Outsourcing allows you to see significant cost savings and better availabilty of qualified developers. In addition, there is no language barrier from our English-speaking developers.

Currently, our total talent pool consists of 140 (!) professional developers. Our developers can be used for the development of both software as low code. In this way, we will always be able to find a developer or team of developers that suits your needs.

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