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Solving the shortage of OutSystems Developers with talented and certified Juniors.


✓ The best junior low code developers | ✓ No risk: you can decide early on whether you want to continue or not

What is the starter package?

Junior Outsystems developers without risks and training-cost

The OutSystems platform is highly popular and there is a big shortage of developers. This causes many organizations to struggle in finding good OutSystems developers.

CodeMore has the solution: the OutSystems Associate Developer Starter Package. Partnership at the highest level. We invest in the best University graduates to become skilled, certified OutSystems developers, while you train them in your own applications, business processes and procedures.

There are no cost involved for you while they are trained, in the first 4 months of the project. The team is guaranteed for at least one year, so continuity of your investment is assured. This is a long-term partnership that will ensure that you get the best results and will benefit the most from what CodeMore has to offer.

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Highly motivated junior developers straight from University

CodeMore has many years of experience in hiring its own staff from the University, through internships.
Our collaboration with the IT Universities in Iasi, Romania, gives us a constant presence there and the ability to find and recruit the best of the best graduates in Computer Science, Business Informatics and similar.

CodeMore has also initiated the Low Code Developer community through Meetups and the ‘Low Code Club’, which allows us to find the best developers at first hand.

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